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Available courses

This is the core course for II semester chemistry course of the 2017 regulations. This course deals with the basic ideas of the different chemical bonding and the general periodic properties of elements

Soil Chemistry included in sixth semester will give a basic knowledge about physical and chemical properties of different types of soil.Discuss about the methods of analysis of soil.

to learn the basic concepts of organic chemistry



Some preliminary topics for complementary students

This course deals with an introduction of chemistry to chemistry graduates

To study the principle and applications of

  • Microwave spectroscopy
  • Infra red spectroscopy (FT-IR)
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Electronic spectroscopy (UV-Visible)
  • Electron spin resonance spectroscopy (ESR)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR)
  • To have a basic understanding about the classification and nomenclature of organic compounds, fundamentals of organic reaction mechanism, aromaticity and stereochemistry
  • To make students capable of understanding and studying organic reactions
  • To have exposure to various emerging new areas of organic chemistry

In this course, you will be learning the Chemistry behind Soaps, Detergents, Cosmetics and Food.

This paper consists of basics of Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy

To differentiate between classical and quantum mechanics To study the postulates of quantum mechanics and the quantum mechanical model of the hydrogen atom To study valence bond and molecular orbital theory To study the principle and applications of microwave, infra red, Raman, electronic and magnetic resonance spectroscopy. To study the fundamentals of mass spectrometry To study the fundamentals of photochemistry

Business management is managing the coordination and organization of business activities. This course aims at providing the students an insight into the meaning, nature , scope, principles and various functions of management. Various management techniques are also covered in brief.

Decision Making is the most important function of business management. This course helps students to study decision theory, demand theory, production and cost concepts, price theory and price mechanism  in detail and thereby  it helps to  analyse and forecast demand, analyse production and cost and price the products in different market conditions.

Management Accounting is that branch of accounting which provides accounting informations to the management for decision making. It provides the necessary informations for exercising the various functions of management. This course helps the students to understand various concepts, nature, scope and importance of management accounting. The students can also gain knowledge in interpreting various financial statements of the companies.

software for business and data science and research methodology

Financial accounting is a specialized branch of accounting that keeps track of a company's financial transactions. Using standardized guidelines, the transactions are recorded, summarized, and presented in a financial report or financial statement such as an income statement or a balance sheet

The goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption. The GST is paid by consumers, but it is remitted to the government by the businesses selling the goods and services. In effect, GST provides revenue for the government.

The course deals with the basic concept of accounting and accounting process (Journal, ledger, trial balance and final statements).

English for business communication helps in understanding how communication should take place in a professional surrounding. It deals with writing letters, circulars, notices, advertisements etc that are used as a means of communication by the business.

This subject gives a working level understanding to compute income tax liability of a person

Course Code : CA2CRP02

Course Code : CS6PET01

Big Data refers to large amounts of data (in terms of volume) that cannot be digested (processed) with traditional data processing applications in an effective way.

Describes about the different mi9croprocessor architecture

Describe computer graphics and animation

Understand the linux operating system and its commands

Describe the computer organization and its parallel and pipelining architecture

dbms learn for computer data management in precise format

computer security deals with secure communication of data or information

After completing students are able to create console program and web based programs

It deals with digital data transmission.


it deals with system develpment life cycle and role of system analyst

This is to make students equip with various quantitative techniques and analysis that help them in research related studies

This course enables the students to have a basic knowledge about money and the movement of financial markets.

This course is the complementary paper for BA History students. It enables to have a deep idea about the functioning of Indian Economy, role of government, international economics etc.

This course covers a large area  of environment ranging from global enviromental issues, energy crisis, human rights. theories pertaining to environment etc.

This course deals with basics of economics. it explains the scope and need to study economics.

This course included in the fifth semester of B.A Economics stream deals with basic mathematical tools necessary for practical economic analysis. 

Study of individual markets and economy

It is the study Based on entire economic activities.

This paper provides a  comprehensive view on various genres of fiction. The collection of short stories includes stories of British and Non- British authors. Stories chosen from different ages and places expose students to various literary trends. The novel prescribed for study helps students to understand the stylistics  and structure of novel as a genre apart from giving a deeper understanding of human nature. 

Core course for Degree final year students for Model 1 and Model2 English Language and Literature students.


The course gives a detailed analysis of feminism and women' studies, the development on theoretical and literary planes.

Students,  when they complete ths course will be familiar with tha major theories and theorists of translation. It enhances their knowledge by making them familiar with regional literatures in translation 

The main objective of this course is to acquaint the students with the audio - visual media of communication

The major objective of the course is to familiarise students with the intricacies of editing and writing for the media. 

Illuminations is a Common Course for II BA/BSc Model 1 & 2 Programmes.The Course aims at showing how the ironies of existence can become fuel for survival.This will enable the students to savour the beauty of literature and develop a desire to relish life critically and creatively.

Postcolonial Literatures is a Core Course offered as part of BA English Programmes of MG University.This course aims at making students aware of resistant tendencies to Colonialism and the resultant trends in literature that question the Eurocentric & canonical practices of the past.

Postcolonial Literatures interrogate Eurocentric notions about identity and culture and in doing so, raise crucial questions about the orthodoxies and conventions in literary studies. This course enables the students to be familiar with the diverse and complex postcolonial identities. 

Postcolonial Literatures interrogate Eurocentric notions about identity and culture and in doing so, raise crucial questions about the orthodoxies and conventions in literary studies. This course enables the students to be familiar with the diverse and complex postcolonial identities. 





To introduce the theoretical and literary responses by women and the concerns that gorven feminist literature.



The course seeks to give an overview of the basic concepts of linguistics and linguistic analysis to the students.

The course seeks to introduce the student to the basics of English language and literature.

This paper  aims at acquainting students with American Literature.

The course Business writing is a paper which enables the students understand the principles and techniques of business writing and improve their abilities through practical sessions.

Revisiting the Classics is a paper in which the students are acquainted with the excerpts of classic works. by doing this course they will know the gist of some works that stood the test of time.

The paper aims at making the students aware of the current socio- political and environmental concerns. 

Offered for second year English M1 , M2 and M3 students

English Literature from the Old English Period to the Romantic Age

The paper helps students to get an idea on the theoretical and cultural aspects of major movements in literature.  It is easier for the students to critically analyse a literary work if they get a background study of these theoretical developments .

Understanding characters roles and musicals allows students to relate better to different situations backgrounds and cultures.

This course aims to improve the language proficiency of the students with emphasis on the sentence and its structure; word classes and related topics.

This course deals with different identities and their expression in literature.

The course aims to introduce the idea of Identity especially that of the marginalized communities, it's related concerns and portrayal in Literature.

A course to learn correct English. 

A course to learn correct English. 

A book of diasporic writings

ECCE IS HELPS THE  STUDENTS TO KNOW THE DIFFERENT EARLY STIMULATION PROGRAMMES,TO create a positive attitude about the care of children with special needs,to make the youth aware about the safety issues of children znd to inspire the students with the  pros and cons of pre school education.

To provide a basic understanding of quality concepts and practice in food companies. To provide approaches to the planning and organization of a quality control system. to provide a basic acquaintance with standards and specifications.

A new subject undergoing tremendous growth these days. It plays an immense role in India in developing start ups and giving an in depth idea on management and its principles. It also provides a basic idea on the classification of entrepreneurs, their contribution towards economic growth, project formulation and the basis for writing a project report. The subject also deals with the monetary assistance which can be availed of  as a financial impetus for startups . The subject is to present the  matter in an easily understandable manner so as to create an interest in the area of study. This is also put into practical aspects in the management of the extension activity support extended  by the institution in running and maintenance of the canteen as well as product formulation in research and development of the department incubation centre

The detailed study in Food Packaging course is necessary, Today’s consumers are greeted with innovative options that run the gamut from eco-friendly packaging to designs that actually assist in the food preparation process. So much consideration and science goes into selecting the correct container and packaging materials for manufacturers. Packaging protects against damage or contamination by micro-organisms, air, moisture and toxins. It prevents product spilling or leaking. Nutrition, ingredients and sell-by dates are important not only to the consumer, but to grocery stores as well. Bar codes help stores to track inventory and sales. Food Packaging plays such an important role in the preservation and marketability of a product, many companies seek a contract packaging service to help them obtain the best quality packaging available. As a Food Technologist, Food packaging materials and testing is important. The quality evaluation of the packages having the same importance as the quality evaluation of food product has. 

 Environmental science, therefore, integrates approaches of various academic disciplines to fulfil its objectives.Environmental science is defined as an interdisciplinary academic field that integrates various academic fields (particularly sciences) to study the structure and function of our life-supporting environment and to understand causes, effects, and solutions of different environmental problems. In other words, environmental science is the scientific study of all the components or factors that make or influence our life-supporting biophysical environment. As per some academicians, environmental science is a methodological study of the environment and includes the study of all biophysical as well as anthropogenic conditions or circumstances under which an organism lives.

As part of Novel study, Atu jeevitham

Course on Fourier Series, Laplace Transform and Complex Analalysis

This course deals with complex numbers and its properties, functions of a complex variable.

This course deals with solving problems in different methods, graphical and simplex method.

This course deals with the fundamental concepts of periodic functions,trigonometric series,fourier series, and the fundamental concepts of complex numbers and functions.

This course deals with  the set of real numbers as a complete ordered field and to distinguish the properties of real numbers and other algebraic structures similar to real numbers and the fundamental concepts of graphs, its matrix representation.

This course deals with the study of matrices and their properties, also discuss about vector spaces, linear transformations.

Find the volume of a solid by using integration and also study the basic concepts of differentiation.

To understand the basic concepts of conic and its properties.

It helps to study vectors and its properties.

This course deals with the introductory methods and techniques of real numbers.  The course consist of four modules 

Module 1: Real Numbers : This modules defines real numbers as an algebraic structure. Studies the fundamental properties such as ordering property, completeness property, Field structure of reals.

Module 2: This module consist of the fundamentals of sequence, convergence, monotonic sequence etc.

Module 3:  Definition and fundamentals of series, tests to establish the convergence of series, results to establish the divergence of series.

Module 4: Fundamentals of limits of a function and its properties.

This course consist of four modules which deals with the geometry of surfaces in general, especially that of smooth surfaces. The various properties of connectedness , compactness of surfaces have been discussed in this course. Various types of derivatives such as covarient derivative, directional derivative, etc are also part of the discussion. 

Here we deal with simple mathematics which is used in daily life.

Here we discuss about continuous functions, differential functions and Riemann integrable functions and its properties.

In this corse,we deal with Taylor series,Mauclaurins series ,radius of curvatures ,centre of curvatures,assymptotes,envelops and partial differential eqn  etc

To introduce the students to the history of America and American literature. 

This course helps the students to have some idea regarding basic mathematical concepts.

This helps to have a deep insight about Indian Economy and also Kerala economy.

This course helps the students to have good idea about the way the government functions in an economy.