Module I
Interference, Diffraction and Polarization
(22 hours)
Light waves- phase difference and coherence, optical path and phase change, principle
of superposition, Analytical treatment of interference-young’s double slit experiment,
conditions for interference, bandwidth - Interference in thin films-reflected system-colour
of thin films-fringes of equal inclination and equal thickness. Newton’s rings-reflected
system-measurement of wavelength
Curriculum and syllabus 2017 admissions onwardsB Sc Programme in Physics, Mahatma Gandhi University
Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffractions. Fresnel’s theory of approximate rectilinear
propagation of light-. Fraunhofer diffraction. Theory of Plane transmission grating-
determination of wavelength-dispersive power of grating. Prism and grating spectra,
resolving power, Rayleigh criterion, resolving power of grating,
Polarization, types of polarization, Brewster’s law, dichroism, birefringence – e ray and o-
ray, polarizer and analyser, Malu’s law, optical activity
Module II
Laser and Fiber Optics
(10 hours)
Principle of operation of laser-population inversion, metastable states, optical resonator-
components of laser- active medium, pump, optical resonant cavity- principal pumping
schemes- three level and four level- laser beam characteristics applications of lasers.
Light propagation in optical fibers, acceptance angle, numerical aperture-step index fiber
- graded index fiber.

Module III
(10 hours)
Dielectrics- polar and non-polar dielectrics- polarization- sources of polarization-Gauss’s
law in dielectrics- permittivity- dielectric displacement vector- dielectric constant-
susceptibility- ferro-electricity.
Module IV
Varying Currents
(12 hours)
Transient currents – Growth and decay of current in an inductive circuit – charging and
discharging of a capacitor through a resistance - Peak, mean, rms and effective values of
a.c, Ac circuits-AC through RC, LC, LR and LCR series circuits resonance-sharpness of
resonance-power factor.
1. Optics - Brijlal and N. Subrahmanyam, S Chand-2015
2. Electricity and Magnetism , D C Tayal
3. Electricity and Magnetism- J. H. Fewkes & John Yarwood
4. Electricity and Magnetism – R. Murugesha